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WSE at NAV TechDays

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WebVision Silver Edition was recently presented at the Mibuso organized conference called NavTechDays in Antwerp, Belgium. We met with a lot of potential customers and enjoyed some interesting key notes - and so we would like to share some photos and video recorded at the conference:

WebVision Silver Edition is a tool for developing Microsoft Dynamics NAV applications for Microsoft Silverlight .

What it does:

  • Allows C/SIDE developers to build web applications directly from NAV, taking advantage of the latest .NET technology, incl. WPF, XAML and Silverlight
  • Enables real-time web-applications fully integrated with NAV, reusing the business logic
  • Delivers on the NAV 2009 web services promise of easy web-access for NAV customers
  • Opens for a rich web-based user experience
  • Reduces development time significantly
  • Great up sell/cross-sell opportunity to existing customer base

  • NAV End Users can manage visual styling and control properties (buttons, fields, images etc.)
  • Webshop application is included, ready to run but also completely open for any modifications.

WSE is the bridge that brings the Dynamics NAV community together with Silverlight and integrates both worlds

Try it out!

Just download, install and run the demo apps.

- or start developing your own NAV/Silverlight applications, and find out how easy it is.

Live Demos

Check out a number of running demo applications.


Screenshots from actual applications and the underlying setup in NAV.

Also featured; Our WSE-app for Windows 7 phones!

Tech stuff: how it works in NAV

For NAV developers - in a nutshell, a brief description how WSE works together with NAV.

  • Communication to/from NAV is a single NAV webservice codeunit
  • The user logged in, defines which app (codeunit) to be executed from the standard webservice codeunit.
  • In NAV code is creating two types of xml files: XAML controls and XML data
  • In Silverlight the XAML controls is databinded with the XML data automatically.
  • Events are fired back to NAV and NAV can return more XAML and/or XML data
  • Events: Login_Prompt, OnLogin, OnPush, OnValidate, OnFileUpload, OnRichTextSubmit and more
  • Generic meta data for your app. can be included in the generic XAML "tag" attribute and will be returned to NAV with the Events.
  • NAV code is all about creating XAML controls and XML data + your business logic
  • WSE has a Framework to handle all the plumming for creating XAML for "Views" defined in NAV tables (DataGrid, DataForm and more)
  • The WSE Framework let users decide wich fields and buttons should visible and where they are to be placed etc.
  • NAV Developers decide which fields are possible and which fields are editable (setup tables must be populated by code).
  • NAV Developers can ignore the WSE Framework, and create XAML Controls freely.
  • WSE Silverlight App. does not know NAV, it does not read/write anything to NAV or SQL (could even be AX in the other end !)
  • XAML is part of WPF, and almost all types of XAML can be used in WSE ! - so just be creative.
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Get the latest version of WebVision Silver Edition:

v1.5 RTW · January 2, 2013

Latest Changes: Change Log SL 6.1.1

Developer License: Free
Customer License: See our License Model

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Top left.png   Installation Guide Top right.png
Everything you need to know about how to get WebVision Silver Edition up and running.

This article describes the simple installation procedure for WSE and links to useful information about NAV Server, NAV Webservice, IIS.
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Top left.png   Users Guide Top right.png
Learn how to manage user accounts, modify views, change visual appereance and much more.

Quick links:

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Top left.png   Developers Guide Top right.png
This is a technical guide for NAV Developers and describes how to create NAV/Silverlight applications using NAV programming only.

XAML is a big part part of this, so there is probably some new stuff to learn about.
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